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“Harry Bones” Sabadell 1987

Multidisciplinary artist. He started painting graffiti in 2001, interested in illustration and the mix between graffiti and wall art. Fusing both worlds to create amazing works of art in his unmistakable style.

His research on the aerosol technique and chromatic work has made him a reference on an international scale.

Characterized by a wide set of skills and extreme versatility, he’s able to create hyper-detailed works up to synthetic works. Demonstrating a great understanding of color composition and application by combining color ranges, textures, lights and effects.

His ability to compositionally transform space, to give it depth and significant dimensions to his works, is almost intuitive and is a reflection of his

He has applied his skills to works as diverse as fashion (Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Javato Jones, Violadores del Verso…) movie sets (Awareness), interior decoration (Restaurant Amass, El Racó de l’Agüir, Autodesk,…), book covers (Anne Rice, Carmen Mola, Roberto Bolaño, Stephen King…), advertising (Adidas, Budweiser, Mercedes…) and videos/motion graphics (R de Rumba, Real Madrid…).

Lately, he has been investigating the use of negative spaces, with elemental and organic shapes, the mixture of textures looking for dynamism and a coexistence between them to arrive at a more minimalist and spontaneous graphic language.