Musa71 x Harry Bones Like Home Catalogue


“Com a Casa/Like Home” exhibition’s catalog.

First edition October 2023. Mataró (Bcn) Spain

21x21x0,47cm / 60 pages

Cover: 300gr with 3D varnish

Interiors: 170gr

Copies: 55

*Includes QR code for translations in Spanish, English, and Korean

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Like Home Catalogue 

This catalog is a sample of all this baggage that colors all aspects of our lives because «Home» is a state of mind and in our case it unfailingly refers to graffiti.

In Com a CASA/Like HOME we exhibit our roots and the branches that derive from them.

Graffiti impregnates, like the smell of a home-cooked meal, not only specific pillars of this artistic branch. It extends to paint items present in any home.

Musa71 x Harry Bones